Turbulent vs. Laminar Flow

Simran Kalsi

Definition for Turbulent & Laminar

Laminar flow; is smooth and regular. For example, the water in a hose has laminar flow because the water comes out smoothly. Laminar flow allows fluids to move along quickly with less energy.Turbulent flow; is choppy and irregular. For example, an airplane, is in the air and the air is pushing fowards to the airplane which is harder for the plane to go through.

Laminar Flow

Examples of laminar flow: 1. Lake 2. lotion coming out of a bottle 3. Water coming out of the tap.                                                                                                                                    
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The lake runs smoothly because theirs no winds blowing to make it Turbulent. The water runs smoothly in a lake
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The lotion comes out really smoolthy because the lotion is really moisturized and it doesnt take time to come out because its not a rough fluid. So when you push the handle down and the lotion comes freely.


The water comes out smootly because the water is exiting through a pipe and doesn't have a lot of adhesion force.  The surface of the pipe is smooth. Also, there is a screen at the mouth of the tap which alows the water to exit smootly.
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