Adolf Hitler

Sean Evans

Childhood of Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889, in Braunau am inn, a town in at the time known as Austria Hungary. He was one of the six siblings he had. His parents were Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. 3 of Hitler's older siblings died while they were very young. When Hitler became the age of 3, his family moved to Germany. Overtime him and his father began to become farmers and bee keepers. It eventually ended in failure. He also took singing lessons at the age of 8. He almost considered being a priest, because he sang in the church choir for a number of years.

Rise of Hitler

As Hitler grew older, he began to attend more school in Germany. But after the death of his father, his grades began to drop and his performance was not the best. During this time he began to show his loyalty to Germany and began to develop German nationalist ideas. He sang the German national anthem instead of Austria's, which was his home country. After he finished school, he was a soldier during World War I, from 1914-1918. He fought for his home country of Austria and fought fir the Bavarian Army. He served as a dispatch runner in the Western Front of France and Belgium. For his efforts, he received the Iron Cross in 1918, and received the Black Wound Badge in 1918.

Hitler's entry into politics

After World War I, Hitler returned to Munich, a city located in Germany. He met more and more leaders, including one of the founders of the German Worker's Party, Dietrich Eckart. He became Hitlers mentor, and later on Hitler joined this Party. He designed the logo of the National Socialist German Workers Party, which as we know now, was the swastika. He began to grow in politics and in the party. He later on became a chairman of the party. After this he grew as a public speaker, and attracted many people. Hitler used propaganda to gain supporters in his speeches. Hitler was on the rise, and was appointed as a chancellor of government, affecting many as a leader.

Hitler during World War II

Hitler wanted to take over basically everything in Europe. He started an axis power that included Italy, Japan, and Germany. Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Hirohito were the leaders of these 3 countries. Germany first invaded Austria, Hitler's home country. He took after many countries, France, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, France, Romania, Hungary, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. After the Invasion of Poland, Winston Churchill of Great Britain entered World War II, becoming Allies with the USSR and Joseph Stalin and with Franklin Roosevelt and America. Hitler started the Holocaust, which was the killing of Jews in concentration camps. Hitler used propaganda by telling the people that Jews should be killed. He is responsible for the death of about 6 million Jews during the holocaust.

Fall of Hitler

Near the end of World War II in late 1944, Hitler's, Stalin's, and Hirohito's armies were being taken over by the Allied Powers. All of the Allied armies were advancing into Germany, where Hitler was located. Berlin was surrounded. At midnight on April 29th, Hitler married his wife. Benito Mussolini was killed shortly before this. The next day, Germany began to be taken over, and after some street combat, Hitler went inside, shot his wife and son, and then proceeded to commit suicide, by shooting himself. This was one of the endings of World War II. The War officially ended with America sending nuclear bombs onto Hiroshima, in Japan.