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Tips for Faster Recovery From Your Sports Hernia Surgery

The Hernia Center of Southern California is home to Dr. David Albin and Dr. Michael Albin, sports hernia surgeons that have performed over 12,000 hernia surgeries.

What are the most helpful tips for a quick recovery from your sports hernia surgery?

• Don’t Be Overconfident: Even though you may have experienced a relatively quick and painless recovery period after your sports hernia surgery, listen to your doctor Even though you feel good, your body still needs time to heal. The surgeons at the Hernia Center of Southern California offer a customized rehabilitation program for their athletes.
• Gradually Increase Physical Activity: It is important to re-introduce exercise slowly. Our sports hernia athletes can return to light exercise within one week after hernia surgery. They can return to their sport within two to four weeks after surgery. Those athletes participating in contact sports can return to their sport within six to eight weeks after surgery.

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