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February 2021

Howdy Parents!

Happy February!

I have been SO impressed this past month with the excitement and hard work the kiddos have shown as they have chosen their topics and begun their research for the annual GT Expo. It has been wonderful to watch & listen to their thoughtful discussions, brainstorming, and desire to learn. Wonderful things have been taking place, and I cannot wait to see where this next month takes us!

❤️Mrs. Barrera

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TPSP Expo: Spring 2021

What's Next?

  • Students will research their topic during GT pull-out & in class (if time allows)
  • Explore various options for final presentation products & choose one that best fits their needs
  • Begin creating a final product - this HAS to be in a digital format to be uploaded to Renzulli for our Expo

TPSP Products

  • Students can create a digitized product through Google Slides, Screencastify, or MyVRSpot. They would still need to record themselves "presenting" their work verbally & upload this to Renzulli Learning.
  • Students also have the option to create a NON-digitized product such as a traditional tri-fold poster & video themselves presenting it, uploading the recording as their TPSP project.


  • Student projects must meet TPSP guidelines based on their grade cluster (K-2nd & 3rd-5th)
  • Rubrics for each cluster are below - this is what will be used to guide students in their research each week within the classroom.

*Each kiddo will complete the project AT SCHOOL. I will communicate with you if I need any assistance from you at home* Thank You!

Twice-Exceptional - 2e

What is 2e?

"What’s not often well-known or well-understood is that students who are gifted may also have a special need or disability— just as students with disabilities may also be gifted. The term “twice-exceptional,” also referred to as “2e,” is used to describe gifted children who, have the characteristics of gifted students with the potential for high achievement and give evidence of one or more disabilities as defined by federal or state eligibility criteria. These disabilities may include specific learning disabilities (SpLD), speech and language disorders, emotional/behavioral disorders, physical disabilities, autism spectrum, or other impairments such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)."

Twice-exceptional students also tend to face two or more of the following challenges:

  • Frustration
  • Argumentative personalities
  • Poor written expression
  • Sensitivity to criticism
  • Poor organizational skills
  • Poor study habits
  • Stubbornness
  • Difficulty in social situations

It's important to remember that twice-exceptional children often have extraordinary talents. It's also important to remember that they face difficulties that could mask those talents. See below for additional information on what it means to be twice exceptional.

*from https://www.nagc.org/resources-publications/resources-parents/twice-exceptional-students *

Good Stuff

Free Webinars

Renzulli Center Third Thursday Parenting Topics (Streaming LIVE at 8 p.m. Eastern):

  • Technology Roulette in the Age of COVID-19 (Stacy Hayden) – Feb. 18
  • Talking with Children About Their Giftedness (Del Siegle) – March 18
  • Perfectionism and Productive Struggle (Catherine Little) – April 15

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GT Schedule

Face to Face Schedule

2nd Grade-Tuesday 2:00

3rd Grade-Wednesday 8:45

1st Grade-Wednesday 2:00

4th & 5th Grade-Friday 9:30

Virtual Schedule

2nd & 3rd Grade-Friday 10:45

4th & 5th Grade-Friday-1:30

Centennial Elementary Student Expectations

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