I. Use must, mustn't, should, shouldn't

1. You _______eat or drink in class. These are the rules.

2. You ________eat more vegetables... It would be good for you.

3. According to the rules, to swim in the swimming pool you _______wear a cap.

4. You_______ pay to get in. It's free.

II. Make two lists (countable, uncountable) out of these nouns

  1. bottle of water
  2. advice
  3. can of cola
  4. packet of rice
  5. news
  6. cheese
  7. bread
  8. slice of cake
  9. carton of milk
  10. juice

IV. Use will, going to or Present Continuous

1. The Maths teacher__________(come) to school tomorrow because he is ill.

2. I think I_______(be) rich in the future.

3. Peter_________(buy) a new apartment with the money he won.

V. Make comparative an superlative form of the adjectives





VI. Make comparisons with than and not as...as

Sara > Bojan (adorable)

I < my best friend (cute)

VII. Use Past Simple or Past Continuous

1) What___________ (do) when I___________ (call) you last night?..

2) I______________ (sit) in a cafe when you___________ (call)...

3) When you________________ (arrive) at the party, who___________ (be) there?.

VIII. Use Present Simple or Present Continuous

  1. It___________ (be) early in the morning.
  2. Sally____________ (get) out of bed,____________ (open) the window and____________ (go) into the bathroom.
  3. Then she_______________ (have) breakfast.
  4. After breakfast, Sally usually________________ (cycle) to school.
  5. After school, she____________ (go) back home.
  6. Sally usually____________ (eat) her lunch at home.