Federigo's Falcon


The Summary

the story takes place in italy. a man gives all he has to a woman. he then runs out of money and moves to the country to live off the land with his falcon. the woman moves to the country with her son. the son becomes aquantid with federigo and his falcon. the boy falls ill and he wishes for the falcon to make him better. the woman goes to federigo to retrive the falcon, but federigo is unprepared and he kills and cooks the falcon to feed the woman. the boy eventaly dies and the woman declares that she will have no one but fererigo.

interview with Federigo

Why did you kill your falcon?

Why did you feed that poor woman your falcon?

How did the falcon taste?


the theme of this story, is that no matter what you do for a girl you have to wait for her to come to you.

My bio

My name is Alex, and i like to do a multitude of things. I like to longboard, and play video games. My favourite project this year was the research paper. i liked to talk about a subject and state my opinions. my summer plans are to lifeguard at a local pool.