Balance of Power - France

By Avery

What is the country size?

The size of France is small compared to other countries, it is 260,558 sq miles. Since it is small there are not a lot of natural resources which limits Frances power.

What is the population

Frances population is 65.7 million. This affects France and the unemployment rate which is around 10%

How well educated is the population?

France has a high educated rate. This is good for France because more people will be educated in the country.

How large and well equipped is frances military

Frances armed forces are strong and they are not too big and not too small. The size is decent. This is ok for France, it would help if the military was bigger but it is not to small.

What are Frances physical features

Rivers : Seine , Loire,

Mountain ranges : Alps, Pyrenees

Forest : Ardennes

Physical features help France because they can be useful to the county.

How productive is Frances economy

France’s economic freedom score is 63.5 making its economy the 70th freest. There is almost 3.35 million out of work in France. Frances economy could be better