The Host

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Similarities and Difference: Characters

Similarities: Melanie Stryder refuses to fade away once Wanderer (the invading "soul") is implanted in her.

Differences: In the book Wanda comforts Walter while he is dying from cancer. In the book, Walter does not appear in the movie.

Similarities and Differences: Setting

Similarities: In both, the film and novel, the setting does take place near Chicago

Differences: In the novel, Healer Fords had relocated to Tucson, Arizona, but in the movie, Healer Fords relocated to Ft. Worth, TX.

“I, the soul called Wanderer, love you, human Ian. And that will never change, no matter what I might become.”

Similarities and Differences: Plot

Similarities: Before Melanie Stryder was captured and before her and Ian fall in love for one another, when captured, Wanderer the "soul" that was implanted in her, and soon begins to feel the same emotions that Melanie felt towards Ian and also begins to fall in love with Ian as well.

Differences: Instead of going to Chicago to find her cousin, Melanie jumps into an elevator shaft when the seekers are chasing her. In the film, Melanie and Jamie are in an abandoned hotel, while Jared is out looking for supplies. Seekers come, Melanie leads them away from Jamie, and she jumps out a window.

Similarities and Differences: Conflict

Similarities: In both, the film and the novel, Ian takes a long time to get use to the fact that Wanderer has taken over Melanie's body. He is both sadden and furious towards Wanderer for she invaded Melanie's body. When she approaches him, that he gets aggressive towards her.

Differences: In the book, Melanie and Jamie's father is taken and a soul is inserted. He leads the seekers to Jamie and Melanie. In the movie, Melanie and Jamie's father shoots himself to prevent his body from being taken over by a soul.


  1. Everyone has a little good in them.
  2. People are not always the way they appear.

What scene was removed? How did this affect meaning?

An important character that was in the book, but not in the movie was Walters last moment before being defeated by cancer. When finding Jamie and Ian Wanderer finds others that are hiding from the Seekers. Although, Wanderer having most acceptance by the survivors that are hiding away from the seekers, she still has not had the acceptance from Ian. In the book she took care of Walter and stayed by his side. After his death, the rest understood that a person such as Wanderer do somewhat have the same feelings as they do and they showed more acceptance towards her.

The directors approach...

The director of the Host (Andrew Niccol) wanted the male characters to have depth than the Twilight male characters. He wanted this movie to be great for both male and female viewers to enjoy equally when watching and he signed up with Stephanie Meyer, because Niccol loves "aliens" (the invading soul), and in this movie there's a lot "aliens"! His work as a whole did not please many audiences due to the deletion of scenes that we cut out of the movie, but his approach to make the movie about the invading souls was on target.

Outside sources opinions on the film and the book.

Book: Although being one of Stephanie Meyers book, this book is far from having vampires. Others feel the love triangle between Melanie, Wanderer and Ian is a nail-biter. The Host is not market as a Young Adult Novel. The reason why this book is successful is that it resembles of her previous works of the Twilight Saga. Girls who read this book imagine themselves at Melanie/Wanderer, and I think that's why this is a huge seller.

Movie: According to the Host movie only had rating of 9%. Other proclaim that the movie didn't follow the book, which is a huge factor when creating a film that first started out as a book. One's that watched the film say that that Wanderer's relationship towards Ian was quicker than it should be, but considering you are putting 600 pages in a 2 hour film, adjustments need to be made! My scenes where cut out, but the Host lovers are wanting to watch the deleted scenes when the host comes out on DVD this June.
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