The Raft Research

The Raft

Raft Paragraphs

Before the Plane Crash.

Robbie is a Teenage girl on an island With no other teens so she pretty much is a loner she wanted to get her nose pierced and she did and also got some corn rolls. On Midway their isn't any Wi-Fi or much TV shows it is a lame place to live if you are a teenager. Usually Robbie visits her Aunt and this time she went to stay for a month when she flew their everything was ok. She was their for about Three days and then Her Aunt had to go to Las Vegas to work that night was fine until she got hungry and wanted some McDonalds And she thought to her self she never does anything by herself. She was nervous but she went and got some McDonalds and was on her way back to the apartment and this old guy was saying his daughters name out loud because he thought that Robbie was his daughter of course he was drunk. She walked past him and he grabbed her by her corn rolls and slung her around to him and made her spill her McDonalds he was talking to her and then she let go and the old man wouldn't then she said it again and he let go. Then she ran back to her apartment and tried to call her parents but no signal on Midway so she couldn't get a hold of them. So she went to sleep and the next morning she called for a plane to go to Midway. She got to the airport and it was packed so she sat down and fell asleep and then Max woke her up and got on the plane and took off.

On the Ocean.

The took of in the plane and a couple hours later they felt a big bump and they knew the plane was gonna crash into the water so the were about to crash and Max threw Robbie out of the plane and she dropped into the water and was sinking and while she was drowning the plane was crashing so it made it hard for her to get back up to the top and she was about to die until Max pulled her out of the water by her hair.after that they were stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean she saw sharks and she knew they could rip threw their raft and eat them. After that the waves carried them deep into the ocean and they had a leak in the raft and they found a Survival Commander Kit. It had a sponge cup, some cards on what to eat and drink and what not to. They were stuck on it until the whole go bigger so Robbie tied Max to the side of the Raft and it helped a lot so She fell asleep and woke up and Max was no where to be found she was out their by herself and was out their until she saw a line on the horizon and she knew it was an island.

On the Island.

Then the waves took her to the reef and the reef is sharp so it tore right threw the raft and launched Robbie into a bush and got her hair stuck in it and she woke up the next day and couldn't open her eye and she knew it was swollen shut and then it rained she mad shelter and finally got her something to drink. But was still hungry and still couldn't find anything to eat so she went searching on the island and all she found was some old liters and a rotten egg. So she got the liters and made her a fire to keep warm. Then she found a baby seal and it's mom but the mom was dying she had a whole in her side so Robbie put it of of her misery. Then she named the baby seal Starbuck so everyday she went and saw Starbuck until she saw Starbuck get wrapped up into some plastic and was strangling her self to death so Robbie found some old ship and plane crash stuff and got something sharp and tried to cut it loose but it was to late. Then Max was still sleeping and then they saw a suit in the island and Robbie was scared but she thought it could have a beacon. So she went out their and felt something lurking and said it's nothing until it came and grabbed the suit and she was so terrified that she couldn't move and Max was yelling for her to get out or our gonna die. And then she thought Max isn't alive he died when i threw him out of the raft she said i wish i haven't told myself that.

The End



When Robbie was getting harrassed at McDonalds and i thought to myself that one day i was at McDonalds and I saw this lady and she was getting made fun of and i went over to them and made them stop and. I made a connection.


I saw a movie like this but it had more then one person on the paddle boat in the ocean and the three of the people got ate by tiger sharks and two survived just like Max and Robbie. But then The girl died.


You know how Robbie was on a raft for a long time I felt like i was gonna starve but it was just for three hours. I made a connection.