England 1377

by alivia brodbeck

  • 27 January - The Bad Parliament begins sitting. Influenced by Prince John of Gaunt, it undoes the work done by the Good Parliament, the previous year, to reduce corruption in the Royal Council. It also introduces a poll tax. Thomas Hungerford is the first Parliamentary spokesman to hold the title of Speaker. 20 February - Riots in London after John of Gaunt attacks the privileges of the City.2 March - The Bad Parliament dissolved. 22 May - Pope Gregory XI issues five Bulls condemning the opinion of John Wycliffe that Catholic priests should live in poverty like the twelve disciples of Jesus. 21 June - Edward III dies of a stroke at age 65, ending his 50-year reign. 16 July - Coronation of the 10-year-old Richard II, grandson of Edward III. Richard's uncle John of Gaunt and Thomas of Woodstock, 1st Duke of Gloucester rule on his behalf until 1381.Summer - The Great Rumour: Peasant unrest in Wiltshire, Surrey and Devon.13 October - Richard II's first parliament meets. Ongoing - Hundred Years' War: French fleet burns Rye, Hastings, and Gravesend, and raids the Isle of Wight. by: wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1370s_in_England

about the king

born on january 6 1367

died February 14, 1400 at Pontefract Castle