Scot Campbell

My Weekend with Busy Bee

My Super Star Friday

After school on Friday we bought four new puppets at Square Books. Next, Mom and I did a puppet show for Busy Bee. Woody, Slinky, and Turtle were in the audience. Finally, we took Busy Bee to dinner at Goose Creek with Maddie and Lauren, my friends, and our parents.

My Medal Winning Saturday

On Saturday morning, I ran a race at the Grove. It was called the Panda Parade. Afterwards, we took Busy Bee to Bottletree Bakery on The Square for chocolate covered strawberries, cinnamon muffins, and cherry brioche. We played hide and seek with new friends in the playground at the Presbyterian Church across the street. Later, we built Lincoln Logs with Lainey and Harry at home. Finally, we went to the movie with Busy Bee, and we watched Monkey Kingdom. I liked the movie a lot. I think my friends would like it, too.

Super Star Student Scot Campbell!

My Super Hero Sunday

First, I slept in a little bit with Busy Bee on Sunday. While it was raining all morning, we ate pancakes. That is my favorite breakfast. Next, we went to Goose Creek to swim. We saw the same kids from the Presbyterian Church playing in the water, too. Finally, we came home, and Mom cooked dinner. I built Legos and watched Jurassic Park until it was time to eat. My brother Luke was here so I could have chocolate chip cookies. I had two, and they were so yummy! I wanted more, but mom said no because I'll get sick, I know.

Thank You!

My weekend was pretty good, actually, because Busy Bee made me have some good parts of the weekend. Now my week is turning better. Maybe I'll take Busy Bee to my baseball game tomorrow. Maybe it will be good of a game tomorrow...

And it was! We won our second game in a row. Way to go, Busy Bee! You brought us good luck.