I am Poem


I Am creative and a music lover.

I WONDER if my future will be a success.

I HEAR the music from my headphones while I am focusing on my pencil.

I SEE the setting I am in so, I can draw it.

I WANT a room where I can just spray colors where and where there are speakers in the walls.

I AM creative and a music lover.

I PRETEND I am tall and normal, when I am really short and weird.

I FEEL my surroundings so I can get the texture of it while I draw.

I TOUCH my pencil and see where it takes me.

I WORRY if I will be alone because, I need someone by me as inspiration while the music is playing and my pencil is moving.

I CRY when I see something sad in front of my while I am drawing.

I AM creative and a music lover.

I UNDERSTAND everything has beauty in it and I try to capture that.

I SAY to push myself to do things I didn't even know I could.

I DREAM that I will be someone's hero for what I have done and created.

I TRY to always have the people around me as my inspiration.

I HOPE I will be someone everyone will remember. (In a good way)

I AM creative and a music lover.