TeamTRI Call

TeamTRI Call Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Team Call Minutes

Team TRI Vision Statement Review:

· We will begin every Team Call by reciting the TRI Vision Statement

· “We help organizations and individuals triumph by unleashing leadership potential and capacity.”


  • The value of Listen presented by Danny
    • TedTalk on Listen --- Be sure to watch it in the video recording
    • When listening, we listen for pattern recognition
    • There are also filters that help us with figuring out what we are listening to
    • The TedTalk presents the idea that “We are losing our listening” and that the premium of accurate and careful and listening and diminished
    • We only hear soundbites and bits and pieces of conversations now
    • Conscious listening is becoming more difficult as well
      • How to improve conscious listening? Take three minutes of your day and listen to complete silence. If you can’t get silence, “quiet” can work as well
      • Listen to the mundane sounds in your life as well. They can be really interesting
    • Move your listening position from passive to active, expansive to reductive, etc.
    • An Acronym for better listening is RASA: Receive, Appreciate, Summarize and Ask
    • Danny’s biggest takeaways from this is that there are large differences between listening and hearing. When we tune into what is happening, it is important that we find value.
      • Everyone’s understanding and evaluation may differ because of the filters and lenses that we each have
  • First Five
    • Danielle shares a statement in Pig Latin! Be sure to check it out on the recording!
    • What it is like to be a creative? Sometimes when you say something, other people may not understand it.
    • Creatives have a gift to pause and channel their creative voice in a way that presents a future vision
    • Being a creative reminds Danielle of when Kermit says “It’s not easy being green!”
    • The greatest way that you can help a creative is to help them understand what you are hearing
    • Creatives often think that perfect is possible. If you’re ever critiquing the vision, know where they are coming from
    • It is ok to be wrong sometimes, it comes with the territory

Agenda Items/Announcements

· Ryan

o Reminder that he’s always taking care of today but keeping an eye on the future

o Reminder that all policy agreements and decisions need to be approved by Ryan so he can sign off on them

· Vision Survey and Cultural Survey Coming

o In the course of the next 60 days, Becky will send over a note to get your feedback. Where have we moved that we didn’t realize it? Where are we not improving in areas that we thought we are?

· Association Essentials

o Knocking on this door for awhile. Started with Rhonda and Summer with all of these deadlines for all of the things that we have to do to keep an entity alive.

o As we have grown, you can’t just have one person know all of the task lists and information. Tracy is the overall guardian of this. This really is going to supersede a lot of other work that we have going on.

o We are all invited to this and Ryan would like everyone to take a look at this.

Team Collaboration Items

  • Curtis
    • Fantasy Football starts tomorrow!
  • Curtis
    • Save the date for OLI and WRLC for officer teams. Travel memos need to be coming out for OLI and WRLC shortly.
  • Curtis
    • Personal leadership program is launching with WA, TX, CA DECA State Officer Teams
  • Ashley
    • TeamTRI Spotify information:
    • You can also search TeamTRI and most of the playlists should come up
  • Sean
    • Starting to put staffing into calendar
    • Send a proactive note for approval of any travel that deviates from the approved conference travel
  • Jonie
    • Jonie and Danielle have created facilitator guides for working with advisors at trainings
  • Ryan
    • OneNote Team Center
      • Toolbox in OneNote
      • Click on it and see TRI Toolbox and GiANT Toolbox as well
      • Everyone’s primary foundational voice is listed there as well
      • There will also be book lists, information
      • If you are wondering of putting collective knowledge, bounty of things that we have consumed in community
    • How does someone get access to OneNote? Might be listed as Team Resources, needs to be changed at your individual machine. Look for update coming soon via email from Becky

TRI This

  • Ryan – The Human Body app. It gives you any part of the human body and it will show you. Also check out Anatomy 4D
  • Becky – Yammer, if you want to be super awesome and search “LOL” and you can see “Lifestyle of Leadership”. Same thing when searching for “Fanmail”

Redbooth Training:

  • Chris
    • Adding new workspaces and how they are managed
    • If you go in and add a workspace, select a template. There are a ton of different templates. For the purpose of this call, Chris selected “On-boarding”. It will start importing all of the pre-populated “on-boarding” tasks
    • Take a peek at the video recording to show
    • Trevor and Rhonda are working on a template workspace and that will be available to look at
    • If we need a new workspace, who should create it? To be added to a workspace, submit a help desk request
    • If you have a personal workspace, truly a personal workspace for non-TRI items, you can create these on your own and don’t need to submit for a tech update
  • Ryan
    • Being very diligent on our on-boarding process for state officers, etc., so this is helpful to stay consistent
    • Be sure that Ryan, Carrie, Brycen, Danielle and Chris are invited to your workspace
    • Discourage personal board. If you are actively doing your work at TRI, some tasks are in there four or five times, real cautious of own board to manage your days. Your work always impacts someone else’s
    • Truly personal workspaces, walking your dog, going to the gym, etc. are fine
    • Nothing that we are doing here is top secret, needs to be transparent

Service Showcase

    • Chris
      • Just had a great call with Washington DECA yesterday
      • What is it like to be a WA DECA staff member? They have 10 members who have weekly staff members. What is their operating budget? Over half a million in development dollars, on top of everything they need to do in association management
      • Came to TRI to TRIUMPH and help with their student leadership program. Brought to them the idea of a task management tool, such as Redbooth
      • They invited TRI to meet with them about what we do with the coaching services and teams in Redbooth
      • Washington DECA Officer Team in Redbooth
        • “What is important in managing and leading twelve student leaders across the state?
          • Deadlines
          • Collaboration
          • Communication
          • Patience
          • Safety and security
          • Insurance and liability of risk
        • What did they share?
          • Streamline
          • Don’t want their students to feel overwhelmed
          • Consistent engagement
          • Keeping them accountable for what they do
      • Once it is ready and complete for review, bringing them back and engaging them to mark it complete
      • Allows anyone else on the staff to engage in these tasks
      • Anytime they have a conversation, they can come into team discussion and
      • Can only do this when you are transparent in their conversations and workload
      • Take the management of it and put it back to the foundation

Marketing Update

  • No updates this week

Sales Successes

  • Michelle
    • TX FBLA agreement for general session SLC
    • Agreement in works for training, general session, website, etc. Indiana DECA CRLC
    • MS DECA and HOSA for multiple services
    • FCCLA advisor in Utah about Kent Butler speak for school wide assembly
    • Proposal for WA FBLA services, conference and financial support
    • SD DECA management
    • NJ FBLA
    • MO FBLA items in the works
    • Oregon TSA, Future Natural Resource Leaders and Educators Rising on our radar as new CTSOs in Oregon
    • Joint Youth Venture with GiANT worldwide

Talent Update

  • Caleb Halloway, GA FCCLA
  • Great meeting today on how we can streamline talent processes

Good Job Shout Outs

  • Danielle --- Create for Ashley. She is new to the training team and is so impressed with her throwing down her ideas and her keynote development!
  • Danielle --- Jonie for commit for learning new things, every day she is asking the right things and adding so much value to our team!
  • Danielle --- Shout out to anyone who worked on the big proposals like South Dakota (don’t even know who all helped on this and that is awesome!)
  • Danielle --- Love to everyone! It was a really tough month and she wanted to share a story about her grandmother. In preparing for her grandmother’s funeral, she did some research on her life. She had created a business making gorgeous dresses. She was very creative and loved what she did. As Danielle was learning about this, she instantly thought about TEAMTRI and how happy her grandmother would be to know that everyone here loves what they do and are so supportive of each other
  • Chris --- Deanna for helping him develop his nurturer side and allowing him to understand the side of a nurturer
  • Scott – Core values, commit or character, to Danny for his commitment while injuring his foot, thank you for commitment and character, we will support you through this!
  • Sean --- Jonie for create, revamp and adjusted report for training, new clarity and further direction
  • Curtis – To Jonie for all that she is doing! He doesn’t exactly know what is happening but he knows that he isn’t having to jump into things urgently throughout the week which he very much appreciates!
  • Jonie --- The first few weeks at a new job can be very tough, but she is so thankful for the love she is feeling from everyone, especially Sean and Danielle
  • Michelle --- Sean for commit. Spent part of his 3-day weekend cleaning up dropbox folder. Thank you for making our lives easier!
  • Ryan --- Pressure, positive pressure, the folks that are getting more active, new faces, or have been with us, bringing a positive pressure to us, neat for us, helps us to sit up straight and see things differently. If you were on our calls, you would see amazing leaders. Every single team members makes us better
  • Ryan --- Sean, particularly thrown into the deep end, thrown into a, please don’t assign that to me, the way you bring order and organization and clarity
  • Ryan --- Scott, took initiative to our team center, going back over notes, if we can’t share vocabulary, share with you the conceptual framework
  • Ryan --- Creative team, hard part of new team, begin to see light, day one we are going to get those hours, slow down to speed up, different, Jonie coming makes you slow down, while we need to speed up

Weeks Ahead –

  • NV CTSO Fall Leadership Retreat (AB/KQ/SP/CH/CB)
  • NV CTSO Advisor Conference (CB/DS/MO/CH)
  • Bakersfield CTE Day (DTT)
  • San Bernardino CTE Leadership Day (DTT)
  • Gulfstream SLP Facilitator Training (CT)
  • Oregon CTSO Advisor Conference (CB/LN/SM/MO/TM)
  • OSAE Strategic Planning Retreat (RU/SV)
  • Oregon DECA Board Meeting (LN)
  • JLDC Planning Meeting (SR/TPM)

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