Health and Medicine

Medicine greatly improved dureing the industerial rev.

Health improved because the advances in medicines

  • Louis Pasteur made medicines like vaccines to fight against rabies and anthrax.

  • Once people found out about germs they washed more frequently and changed there clothes

  • The population more than doubled because of these advances in Europe between 1800 and 1900.

Hygiene improves

People started to realize that hygiene was a big factor for there health. Finding this new information caused people to wash more ,where clean cloths ,and do stuff like brush there teeth. The results of this were less sickness and disease witch made the population raise.

Surgery improves

Before improvements surgery's were performed in dank rooms with dirty tools. The patient would usually survive only to later die of infection. Poor people usually die when going to the hospital and rich people wanted to have it performed in there own houses. Joseph Lister told doctors to clean there hands before a surgery and to clean and sanitize there tools. The invention of anesthesia also helped by making the doctors able to preform surgeries that were never possible.