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The Standard of Living

Our Mission this week:

Hello all mothers out there! As you know, it's time for our weekly newsletter again; this, time, it's all about the standard of living all over America. We're going to talk about the way people are living in the South and the North. Enjoy!

The South

We have a direct source from a Mrs. Roger A. Pryor, who, “remembered talking to an 18-year-old member of a mob in Richmond," who said, "As she raised her hand to remove her sunbonnet, her loose calico sleeve slipped up, and revealed a mere skeleton of an arm. She perceived my expression as I looked at it, and hastily pulled down her sleeve with a short laugh. 'This is all that's left of me!' she said. 'It seems real funny, don't it?... We are going to the bakeries and each of us will take a loaf of bread. That is little enough for the government to give after it has taken all our men.'" As you can see, the South is in turmoil! Riots are happening all over the Confederacy, with people attacking bakeries, stores, and officials' offices in order to get justice.

The North

In the North, things aren't going as well, either. With spending on the rise, it seemed like the North should be having a grand old time. However, “the economic boom had a dark side. Wages did not keep up with prices, and many people’s standard of living declined. When white male workers went out on strike, employers hired free blacks, immigrants, women, and boys to replace them for lower pay.” Your fellow women out there are having a rough time of it, ladies.

How Can I Help?

How CAN you help? Well, it's up to you. There is plenty of children out in the South that need feeding; plenty of children working in factories for low pay and in dangerous conditions. You can help by calling this number: 651-778-993 and adopt a child to support, or a mother to keep in contact with. Anything helps!