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Why You Should Rekey Your Doors

Having many people with access to your front door, even some who are not supposed to be included, lessens the security of your home. After all, you might not know who can suddenly break into your home and steal or vandalize it. Short of turning your front door or entire home into a fortress, you could try a few ways to remedy this, depending on your situation. Whenever you move into a new home that was previously under the ownership of someone else, or if you have new tenants in your apartment, rekeying doors is important. You might find yourself asking why this could be necessary, so read on to learn more about it.

  • As an overview, whenever you change homes, you should get the new one rekeyed. It would be preferable if you do this for all doors, not just the main ones. This is also important if you are the landlord whose old tenants have just moved out. This will mean that you know every person who will be able to have access to the house, and will not leave some blame to the old tenants or owners of the house in case of a break in.

  • There are a lot of instances that involve the old tenants getting their locks duplicated multiple times. This could be because of security purposes, or because they want to provide different residents with their own keys. When these people move out they might not turn in all of these keys and their duplicates for some reason or another.

  • In addition, they might have given them away to other people aside from the residents of that home. Family members, relatives, friends and even contractors might have their own copy of that key. Once the old tenants leave, these keys might be discarded, even those that were given away, but there are times in which they could also be used in order to illegally access a house that they have no permission to anymore. This is an insurance and obviously a security problem for new residents.

  • A lot of homes and even businesses have been broken into because these intruders knew and were even close to the previous owners. It’s another reason for someone to make sure that a house or apartment changes locks whenever a new resident moves in. You could even have a locksmith or another expert to review the security in the house. When changing locks, front and back doors aren’t the only ones that need changing, as side doors are more prone to break ins.

Changing or rekeying your locks whenever you move in to a new home, or when your tenants change, will help you in providing a better security for your home. After all, extra keys for the old locks might be running rampant out there. With a new lock installed, you will find yourself feeling at ease since you have reduced the possibility of break ins from happening inside your home. Click on for your locksmith needs.