Confidence is Key

Chloe Kabat

Cheesy but True

Now, by reading the title, you may be thinking "Is this going to be about some cheesy confidence booster type thing or what?" Well, that isn't exactly it. Confidence issues affect lots of people. Being confident in yourself cane be hard to do. I was self conscious on how my braces would look. Maybe they would make me look weird? But, as they were put on, I realized that it wasn't so bad. About 91% of women in America don't like the way that they look and go to dieting to get the body image they want. Although, girls aren't the only ones affected with confidence issues. Boys also can have body image problems. It seems like the opposite for the boys though. Instead of trying to be skinnier, some men will take steroids or work out excessively to gain muscle and appear to be more "manly."

Just Women?