Dec 6- Get Whitt it!

For the strength of the pack is the wolf & the strength of the wolf is the pack...

It's Time to Vote for Teacher of the Month!

It's teacher of the year time! It's para professional of the year time!

Wylie ISD has established the following qualities of an outstanding teacher:

Positive Attitude


Knowledge of Content

Sense of Humor


Respect for Learning

Desire to Provide Positive Example


Respect for Others

Innovative and Creative

Ability to Recognize Student Differences and Motivate Students

Fair, Consistent, Controlled and Adaptable

Acceptance of Responsibility

High Professional Standards

Genuine Interest in Students

Knowledge of and understanding of students

All campus winners, their guest, principals, school trustees, the superintendent and other school officials will be invited to attend the Wylie Way Gala on May 4, 2019.

Voting will take place Dec 6th-13th for both categories!

Ballots are in your box and will be returned to Patty. (She won't look at your votes, just note that you've voted!) She will track to help ensure every person has an opportunity to vote!

11 more days of instruction...

I know that with our halls looking so festive this early, it's easy to feel like our break is REALLY SOON, but we still have 11 days to make a difference in our student's academic world. We are SO proud that as we walk the halls we see small groups, we see strong planning, we see students HARD at work. Thank you for being so committed to keeping your foot on the gas at this time of the year! Vroom!

Jan 7- PD thinking, planning ahead....

On Jan 7th we'll have some vertical team planning time.

Each team will meet as a team in the library. Primary, you'll attend both 45-minute sessions, so that everyone has an opportunity to participate. We'll give you a more complete agenda closer to the date.

During the February Wolf Howl the ELA side will meet.

Literacy Closet has a new home!!

The bags are packed, the change the address card has been sent!

We're moving ALL the literacy closet books to the book room. Hopefully, while a bit farther away, you 'll be able to get in there now ANYtime during the day, which we heard was a concern. While we keep adding to our book selection, I just wanted to reiterate what was shared in PLC last week.

We still have ALL of the scholastic books (minus two for appropriateness) that have always been here. We did cull the numbers, meaning instead of keeping anywhere from 30-60 of each title, we went down to 12. Knowing that we wanted to increase with F&P to align with BAS and other measures of assessment, we literally didn't have room, unless we eliminated numbers of copies.

Those copies are still available for you and can be great options when you use your flippy flip chart and your template from Jan Richardson.

Please don't continue thinking they have been thrown away. (Said in bold so it must be important!!!)

Morgan's Musings

December 21st Scheduling

A few things to note:

  • It is an early release day. There is NO PACK on this day.
  • It is Polar Express Day.
  • Your homeroom class needs to stay with you the entire day until dismissal. Please do not switch classes.
  • Students are counted present as long as they are checked out after 9am:)

WIN Spreadsheet: Removing a Student

When removing a student from WIN, please do not delete their name (documentation purposes). Instead:

**Highlight their name and strike through. That way we can still see it, but Patty knows this means they no longer stay.

Here is the link.

Shout outs!

  • 2nd grade math, we are in AWE of your gesture to support your ELA counterparts! Thank you for stepping up and taking ALL the kids so they could BAS!

  • Jennifer Hunter and Jessica Travis have had ALOT of afterschool obligations in preparing for a new ELA adoption. They didn't get paid and a lot was asked of them...thank you, ladies!!

  • It is incredibly heartwarming to watch team's step up when there is a need. Morgan asked for lunch duty help with the rash of absences we've seen, and she was showered with offers! (Shout out, Mrs. Meyer!)



Heather Lack 1

Jill Brown 4

Stephanie Nishiyama 9

Teri Burnett 14

Jennifer Aldrich 30

Notes from Patricia!


December 7, 2018 Grades are due for the PR2B Period in Grade Books by 5:00 p.m. (Please double check the required amount of grades needed for each subject!)

December 10 thru 14 HOLIDAY Store is "OPEN"

December 13, 2018 Progress Note 2B goes home with Students

December 14, 2018 Term 2 Grade Book Opens for Grade Posting

December 21, 2018 Term 2 Grade Book Closes grades due by 5:00

***Half Day of School 12:40 Dismissal***

Calendar Comings


7 Wolf Howl

10 Holiday store begins

11 PTA general performance 9am, Sachse Chamber teacher luncheon, PTA meeting 4th grade show 6:45

12 Relationships Day, 2pm on FB live, a presentation by Spring Creek, team leaders meeting

13 TEMPO performance, 9amMP AP meeting, Family fun night 6-8pm


17 School Board meeting


19 No PLC!

20 Cooper Wind Ensemble 1:30pm

21 Polar Express and #alltheholidaythings

Dec 22-Jan 6- Christmas Break


7 our hours 8-3

8 AT out IF, PTA board meeting

9 PLC leaders meeting


11 Student Celebrations



16 Babovec is here!

17 PTA council luncheon

18 Mother/Son night 7-8:30


22 At out, staff meeting All books coin drive begins

23 Writing Checkpoint, team leader meeting

24 POwer out, AP meeting


28 school board meetimg Book week begins

29 100th day of school

30 Bond presentation by Dr. Spicer 3pm

31 Parent think tank 6-7pm

Feb 1

This gave me hives.