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Yasmine Crawford

More breaks during school hours sounds fine with me! Our school should think about giving us more breaks between our class. we only get one break and it’s only for ten minutes. Maybe once a week we should have a break for a hour, like a Friday or Thursday. the break we have everyday should increase by five to ten minutes.

High school breaks

These longer breaks can help students in any different ways. This could give students who play sports or have jobs have extra time to caught up on work. This also can help grades increase, because the more time have to caught up and study the more you know about the subject you’re doing. For example, having longer breaks gives students a break from being in a classroom.

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Fun Facts

1. Breaks help you brain think more.

2. Breaks are much needed because it's not good to be still for a long period of time.

3.Most High school have longer breaks.


1. 85% students do better with longer breaks during school hours.

2.Studies say students are most likely to stay more forces with breaks.

3.87% of students think breaks are very much helpful.