No More Testing!

February 8th - 12th

Iowa Assessments are Finished!

We had all students take their assessments last week and whatever make-ups that were needed were also given so we are done, done, done! One student said something along the lines of, "Is it normal to be sad we are done with the tests?" Um, no. HA!

Language Arts

We return to Point of View. Point of View is what a narrator thinks about other character or events in a story. We will be looking at text evidence within a story to look for details that show what the narrator things and use them to figure out the point of view.

Reading groups were also switched up at the end of last week. Students are looking forward to our next novel study with their new groups. Three of the four groups will have a different book to read with their small group in school. Novel studies have been posted on the Google Classroom but there is no way to assign them to just the individual students so all students had to be assigned each novel study even if it wasn't the book they are assigned. This will be explained to the students and I made notes in the titles of the assignments.


This week we finish up Unit 6. Students took the written response of their Unit 6 test at the end of last week. This week students will:

  • Order of Operations
  • Number Models for Two-Step Number Stories (possibly two days)
  • Unit Review
  • Unit Assessment on Friday

Visit from Congressman Young

Friday morning Webster was visited by Congressman David Young. He presented Webster a sheet of paper that contained what was read into the congressional record about Webster's Blue Ribbon Award. Before he left he tried to take a selfie with the kids.

Friendship Party

Friendship party is Friday end of the day, 2:45-3:35. If you choose to bring in valentines, please make sure to bring one in for every student. Also, do not forget to bring in a box or bag to hold all of your valentines! Any or all box decorations should be done at home, but can be as creative as you want them to be. Boxes can be brought to school the day of the party. I will attach a class list to the newsletter email.

Show And Tell

Show and Tell the students chose for their Lucky 7 will this Wednesday. Wednesday is also LATE START. Show and tell will be at the beginning of the day. I am hoping to keep it to 30 minutes (9:00-9:30) so we can run reading groups as normal.