Espanol y el cerebro

by: Andrew Fernandez

Whats the best age to learn a language?

Is best to learn a language at a younger age? A man named Eric lenneburg said that it is best to learn a language from age 3 to puberty. As a younger learner you us more parts of your brain. As an older learner you us less of your brain. There are some reasons that learning a second language at a older age is better.

Older learners

There are advantages of being an older person trying to learn a new language. One is the you can control what you here and learn. A nother is that you can take things from the language you already know. Lastly you can think about what you are learning, an you can understand it better.

Younger learners

There are some advantages of being an younger person learning a sceond language. One is that you will most likely be able to develope a native accent. A nother reason is that you will proble recive easyer input to what you are learning. The last reason is that you will have a lot longer to learn the language.