Workers Compensation

By: Kiara Aikens, Kerri Cobb, and Tanner Cook

Brief History

Workers Compensation was first used in 2050 B.C. by the Ancient Sumerians. It was also used by the Ancient Romans, Greek, and Chinese. Congress pasted the Employer's Liability Act of 1906 and 1908, which made the employer responsible for worker injury. Today the structure is the same and people are encouraged to have workers comp insurance.

What Does it Do, and Why Does it Matter?

Workers Comp Insurance can help protect you if:

  • Your employees gets an injury at work and need medical attention.
  • Work-injured employees cannot work and need disability pay.
  • A work related injury kills or permanently disables an employee.
  • Your employee decide to waive their benefits and decides to sue your business for compensation.

Questions about Workers Comp?

Do I have to fill out paper work? Yes you have to fill out paperwork for the company, insurance, and for the medical expenses.

Is workers comp required? Workers comp is required by employers with five or more employees.

Is workers comp taxable? It is not a taxable income.