Become a Biophysicist today!

By: Jared Daniels

What is a Biophysicist?

This is someone who studies Biophysics, or interdisciplinary science that applies the approaches and methods of physics to study biological systems. It covers all scales of biological organization, from molecular to organismic and populations.

Education Requirements

  • To get an entry-level job in biophysics, such as that of a technician, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics or biology.

  • Employers also typically require entry-level candidates to have some experience in a laboratory as well, which can be gained from schoolwork or an internship program.

  • To work in applied research or product development positions, you typically need a master’s degree in either physics, chemistry, mathematics, or biology.

  • To work as an independent scientist, an aspiring biophysicist needs a Ph.D. or even a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.).

Pay / Financials

Pay Scale

Biophysicists earned an average annual salary of $87,640. The top 10 percent earned over $147,320, and those in the bottom 10 percent made less than $40,810. Geographical location, size of employer and experience are major factors for what these professionals earn. Those who work full time can usually expect benefits that include major medical, paid holidays and vacations and retirement savings plans.

A biophysicist's salary can vary considerably by industry. Those working with other physicists in offices earned the highest salaries of $206,600 per year. Biophysicists employed by equipment and supply wholesalers also made relatively high salaries of $107,370 annually. And, those working for research and development firms earned $92,160 per year.

Biophysicists' salaries tend to be higher in eastern coastal states. For example, those in New Hampshire earned some of the highest salaries at $112,670 per year, according to the BLS. They also made comparatively high salaries in Pennsylvania at $108,860 annually. Those in Massachusetts earned annual incomes of $92,860 per year. And these research professionals made closer to average industry salaries in California at $90,030 annually.


We are stationed on the eastern coast in New York, which is the best location for all fields of biophysics. We are stationed here to ensure the highest salary for all of the hard work put in by the employees.
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What we do!

We use computer modeling software to determine the three-dimensional structures of proteins and other molecules, and observe the effects of substances such as drugs, hormones, and food on tissues and biological processes. We also study the genetic mutations in organisms that lead to cancer and other diseases.