Create New and Useful Insights

Retail Observation Excursion

I explored the stores of a small retail plaza with new eyes. I tried my best to go into each store with a fresh mind, diverse focal points and a set of observational quesitons.

In Your Face Opportunities

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Retail and real estate go hand -n- hand but with my eyes wide open, I was clear as day how poorly used store doors are used. They can add negative, neutral, or positive value. The photos above clearly show negative. Not only is the media ineffective, noticing the tape securing the media creates an opportunity for a better system of attaching media to doors.
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Surprising Insight

What do you see?
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With fresh new eyes I spotted a path foot wet foot prints moving through the wine store. Hmmm. When insights or ideas come to mind seeing this? Well, one concept would be to develop hidden censors to track where customers go and how they go through a store. This might provide a load data to make better merchandising decisions. Another concept is to purposely place foot prints on the floor making a pathway to a specific display. Or maybe make a game out of it. So I guess you can say this observation was a great stimulus to new thinking.