The Bunzi Banana

November 2013

Nick Compton

by:Nick Compton

Nick has a family of 9 including pets and himself, his Mom, Dad, Sister, his three rabbits Rapid, Xbox, Rosie, his dog Kia, and his cat Pinkers. Nick has alot of friends his best friends name is Gavin Mangold. Nick lives in sobiski Wisconsin. Nicks favorite sports are basketball and baseball. Nicks favorite hobby is climbing.

The Spaghetti Dinner

by: Nick Compton

The students of A.B.V.M made a spaghetti diner. Everyone loved the food like spaghetti (of course) garlic bread, meat balls, and dessert. On the dessert table they had peanut free food, cookies, and brownies. So that's what happened at the spaghetti dinner.

DQ Night

by: Nick Compton

The students of A.B.V.M had a DQ night on November,15,2013. Every one got a coupon on the previous day. It started at 4 and ended at 7. Any one could come and get what they want. Art was hung up on the walls from 4th and 5th grade. The teachers from 4th and 5th grade were waiters and that concludes DQ night.