Easter in Potter

by Sierra Austin

Family Reunion

Once a year every year we have a family get together at camp. Every year it is sometime different in the year. This year we are doing it for Easter! We do a lot of fun things. For example...

  • Walks in the woods
  • Go down to Wharton
  • Fires inside and outside
  • Swimming in the crick across the road
And so much more!!

Everyone in included in everything. The adults go and have their own fun while the kids do their own thing. Night time is the best at camp. Everyone is in the best moods and that's where all the memories come.

Everybody, in the family and a few friends, are more than welcome. Camp is the place to be and we'd like to spend it with the best people around.


Thursday, March 24th, 6pm to Monday, March 28th, 5pm

Potter County, PA, East McKeesport Sunset Valley Camp


  • ONLY 8 bunk beds
  • Spend lots of time outside
  • Don't bring new clothes, old clothes are a requirement
  • Pets are welcome (BRING THEIR OWN FOOD)
  • Kids are welcome
  • Bring food
  • Coolers are needed
  • If you have a kid, let them bring a friend. Don't let them be around adults all weekend and bored.
quad ride and wet feet potter county pa