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Poetry and Pastries Slam

On Thursday, April 13th, the media center will host a venue for all poets and spoken word artists to display their talents as part of our National Poetry Month activities. We’re sure that words of wisdom, commentaries on social issues and topics that are engaging to the teen populace will be on display. To be a participant, see your media specialists to sign up.


Power For Testing

Teachers, looking for a resource that helps students understand what’s being asked for on tests? Quizlet’s Power Word exercises can help students understand common test words such as analyze and describe. When students understand what these twelve words are asking for, they are empowered to answer questions correctly.

Mid-Day Maker

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The Special Effects Makeup Makerspace is in full effect as students use their free time to come into the media center to practice and hone their skills. We invite you to come in and practice, experiment, and create something amazing!

Books and Bites

Are your students always complaining about being hungry or wanting a snack? If so, students are welcome to drop by the media center before first period or throughout the day (with permission and a media center pass) to check out a book and pick up a snack. The snacks were generously provided through a Donor's Choose Grant. The grant was written on the premise that providing healthy snacks to students throughout the day will help to keep them focused on the amazing information you teach.

Do your students need "extra" time to finish their work/projects ?

Please remind students that the Media Center is open every day at 8:15 a.m. Students are allowed to print, work on the computer or pick up a book before the 1st-period bell. Mrs. Simmons is also available to assist students every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:30 pm to 4:45 p.m.

Check Out What You Missed...

Reader's Theater Celebrates Strong Damsels

In honor of Women’s History Month, the media center celebrated two folktales featuring strong female heroines from the book, No Damsel in Distress by Jane Yolen. Eleventh-grade students took us on a journey of a young heroine defying a captain in order to find food for a village to eat. Our attention was also captured by a young female protagonist with unusual powers who found an ingenious way to defeat a bully-hippopotamus.

Teen Tech Week celebrates digital resources

Teen Tech Week’s 2017 theme encouraged students to “Be the Source of Change” by using digital resources to make changes in their lives and communities. To celebrate Teen Tech Week, Juree Hall, director of e-campus for Atlanta-Fulton Public Library, shared digital resources that are available on AFPL’s websites for all students. The only requirement for using these resources is having a library card. She shared information about Tutor.com-a live tutor digital resource for all subjects, Learning Express-a test prep site for most standardized tests including the SAT and the ACT, the Georgia Driver Test site that helps students prepare for the Georgia driver’s license test, and Hoopla-a site where students can borrow movies, e-books and music. Ms. Hall concluded with a preview of a true-story movie about an 86-year old kleptomaniac.

St. Patty meets Women's History

While sipping green punch in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, students listened to punch lines, which were two TED talks given by young women. Natalie Warne delivered a speech on a project she spearheaded to stop the draft of young boys into an African army. Joy Buolamwinl talked about how, as a MIT graduate student, she’s fighting bias in algorithms.

Oh, the Places They'll Go

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On Thursday, March 2nd, the media center celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by showing a Flocabulary on Katherine Johnson whose professional life story is depicted in the current movie, Hidden Figures. Students talked about the vocational place that she went and talked about the places that they intend to go. Students also listened to a read-aloud of Dr. Seuss’s book, Oh the Places You’ll Go by media specialist Linda Green.


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