Hilltop Road Community Workshops

Term 2 & Term 3

What's on in Term 2 & Term 3 @ Hilltop Road

Over the next few weeks we have a number of parent/community courses and workshops. All of our courses are based at school and are free and in some cases childcare is available. Please check each course for details or call Catherine on 0401155576 or catch me at school Tues-Fri 8.30am-3.30pm.

Ready, Set, Go 4 Kindy 2013

Calling all families with children enrolling at Hilltop Road for kindergarten in 2014!

Come along to Ready, Set Go 4 KIndy! our transition to school program. This weekly session is a great opportunity to experience life at BIG SCHOOL prior to starting school. Through fun play activities we build on skills required to start kindy and run informative parent workshops to ensure a smooth transition to school for the whole family.

Ready Set Go begins in week 2 of Term 3 (Wed 24th July or Thurs 25th July)

Days: Wednesday or Thursday

Time: 9.15am -11.15am

Venue: Hilltop Road Public School

Enrollment forms are available from the school office or for more details call Miss Catherine on 0401155576

Eat it 2 Beat it! A Fruit and Veg Sense Session - Run by The Cancer Council

Thanks to the parents and community members who attended this informative session. The session gave our parents ideas on how to include fresh produce into their meal plans and the impact it can have on our lives.In T3 we will run a follow up lunch box ideas workshop for any interested parents.

Contact Catherine on 0401155576 for details

Kids Matter Parent Information

Kids Matter is a mental health and well being framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive difference to the lives of Australian Children.

Information flyers are availble to explain how Kids Matter is delivered at Hilltop Road through the Bounce Back Program and the benefits this program has on all children.

Check out the school newsletter for Kids Matter Updates.

Contact Catherine on 0401155576 for further information.

Literacy, Technology & how you can support your child.

This hands on workshop will introduce various ways on how technology is used to support literacy in the classroom. As we move towards the new curriculum we will share and explain some of the new terminology you may hear when helping in the classroom or from your children at home.

Details: Tuesday 25th June 9am- 11am or 1pm-3pm Contact Catherine on 0401155576 to register. Childcare is available but must be booked in advance.

Contact Catherine on 0401155576 for Details