Cookies in Demand

Dear CAES Cicero Church Families

It has come to my attention that we have been blessed with at least 520 quests at the Journey to Bethlehem last night. This is amazing, as it is more than both nights put together last year. That's the GOOD NEWS!

The challenge we are facing today is a SHORTAGE OF COOKIES. I realize that this is last minute. Yet, if there was a day to teach your child how to do some baking, now would be good. We are so blessed to have so many come and take the journey, and want them to leave on a happy note ( Mr. Reutebuch, Mr. Ashley and Mrs. Morrow are playing Christmas music on their instruments), and a sweet taste in their mouth. If you can squeeze in time to bake cookies today, it would be so appreciated. If not, not to worry. i know it is a busy time for all right now.

This is also a reminder that our students are a part of the Christmas program, "Night of Hope" next Saturday night, at church. There is a rehearsal at 1:45 next Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes, at this rehearsal, parents have picked their students up at the church after school, and I'm not sure how this rehearsal is expected to go. So, I'll be in touch later. We could use a few parents to shuffle students to the church that afternoon. If you are a parent who is cleared to carry students, and have time then, please let us know.

Have a good day! It looks so pretty out this morning, with the tress all frosted. Mr. Olson and I are watching the pileated woodpeckers eat at our feeder. Winter isn't my favorite time, but it surely is pretty to look at!

Thanks for your time.

Mrs. Olson