Getting to Know My Art

Who am I?? By Nigeria Parker

Why I like art

With art I can try and do new things. It is important that people be creative. It lets me express myself through my art work. Art class is a great place to learn things about the art world and the people around you. I have learned that being creative by being yourself is the best way to succeed in the world around you. I have also learned that I have a very bright imagination. Throughout all of my projects I have used very bring colors and very bright stories to coincide with each of my pictures/paintings. I feel as though that I should practice more on my drawling, I can honestly say that that's my strongest weakness that needs to be worked on.

Who am I??

I am most proud of my “Who am I” painting. It took me a while to think of the best pictures that would portray the poem/ story that I wrote. This would have to be my most challenging picture. I had to keep re-drawing and painting because it was so easy to mess up. At the end it came out better than I expected. As I stated before I wrote a poem to go with it. The poem expresses the painting. In this painting there is a girl who doesn’t know what or who she wants to be. She has so many mind sets and shells around her mind and body that she doesn’t know what to do. The only friend she has is he self. My inspiration for this is teenagers. What the daily struggle is for us. It’s hard to fit in a world where almost every one is the same and it’s not okay to be yourself. I am getting better with my drawings and choosing colors. As an artist I am growing in all areas because I'm practicing.

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The Color Wheel

In the color wheel we had the chance to be creative. We started out with basic colors and then either went darker or lighter on the outer side. With our color wheel we made it into something different, something other than a color wheel. Most people made umbrellas and shells for snails, but not I, I made my color wheel into a beach ball.

My inspiration for this was that I love the summer and wish that it could come and stay forever.

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City On Fire!!

The title of my painting is City on Fire. When drawing this I didn’t have a specific mind set. I just wanted to draw something similar to what I see every day. My inspiration was Center City. When you're driving down 30th street, where you first meet the tall buildings, the sun sets just right reflecting the the sunset off the buildings. This makes the buildings look like they're on fire.

With my painting I wanted to do something bright and creative.

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One day I hope to be a great drawer. An artist like Leonardo da Vinci. He was an amazing artist in the early 15 hundreds. I want people to pay for the hard work I put on paper. People should look at my work and be amazed, they should feel what I draw just by looking at it. I like art because it has done so much for the world and I want to be aprat of greatness.

Cation for the picture

  • Head of a woman
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • 1508–1508 High Renaissance
  • Galleria Nazionale di Parma, Italy.

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