Honors Course of the Day

Fall 2014

As we continue to add exciting new Honors courses, I'll be taking a minute each day to highlight one of the fall 2014 Honors course offerings.

This class and many others can be found online at http://honors.temple.edu/academics/courses under "Current Honors Course Guide". You can also see all Honors courses offered for fall 2014 on Banner.

Registration will be open to Honors students on April 3rd at 7am.

Seminar in Campaign Politics (Political Science 4904.01, CRN: 24145)

Days/Times: Tuesday, 3 to 5:30 PM
Professor: Robin Kolodny (rkolodny@temple.edu)

About: Campaign 2014 consists of two distinct courses. You will get two separate grades (one Honors and one non-Honors) and will have two distinct sets of requirements. The major goals of the course are to further your analytic abilities in political science, expose you to the world of real campaigning, give you insights into potential career paths and create networks of professional references for your future political or academic career. More information about the course content can be found here

Please note: Registration for this course is by application only.

About the Professor: Kolodny has been running this course every two years since 1998. She is fascinated by politicians and their work. Kolodny has spent a year working on Capitol Hill in Washington DC as a Congressional Fellow, a year at the University of Sussex as a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar, and entirely too much time at home trying to untangle the homework riddles given to her two children (in the Fall of 2014 - 6th and 10th grades). I have 465 Facebook friends and more than half are former students. I am constantly connecting current and former students.