Corey Taylor #8

Corey Taylor is a musician, author, and actor.

Corey Taylor

Corey was born in Des Moines, Iowa on December 08, 1973. He is 42 years old. Corey is most none for being the lead lyrics of the heavy metal band Slipknot and the hard rock/alternative band Stone Sour. Corey is also an author he has written several books (You Making Me Hate You and Disfucntional Family Portraits. He is an actor and has been in several movies about Slipknot.

Facts About Corey Taylor

1. Corey founded Big Mouth Records.

2. Corey has two children named Aramantha, Angeline, and Griffin.

3. Slipknot has released over twenty albums (with over 100 songs).

Guarantied to rock your head off


Slipknot is mainly liked for there violent rhythms and there creativity.

In the band

Stone Sour

Stone Sour is most liked for there deep meanings and also for there calm then violent rhythms.
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Teenage time Killers

The Teenage Time Killers are just a mash up of over twenty members. This rock super-group just makes an overloading amount of noise (even I don't like them).
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Risk Taker

I think that Corey is a risk taker because he said he wanted to be a rock star and he did it. And he didn't have another career to do if that didn't work.


Corey the bands he has been have had to write and preform highly complex mathematical pase and note changes and mauneuvers.

Corey Taylor's Life Before Slipknot

Corey was born in Des Moines, Iowa but was raised mostly by his single mother in Waterloo, Iowa. He described Waterloo as a hole in the ground with buildings around it. Corey was first introduced to rock 'n roll by his grandma who showed him some Elvis Presley records from the late '50s and the late '60s. He began to listen to heavier stuff such as Black Sabbath and AC DC. Corey found songs like "Teddy Bear", "In The Ghetto", and "Suspicious Minds" very interesting. Corey along with his mother and sister lived in an old dilapidated farm house that he said reminded him of album covers from some of his favorite bands. Corey went through a time of depression when his grandma got full legal custody of him because he had an addiction to drugs at his mothers house.


1."If you want to be taken seriously always check your fly."

2."Every one knows my favorite superhero is Spider-Man, but my favorite supervillain is George W. Bush."

3."Mistakes you can learn from; sins stay with you for your whole life."