Why did people move to the colonies

By Matthew Inurriaga


Did you know that a lot of people during rhus era that were poor were sold into slavery most of the time the slaves came from a foreign land

Detail 1

According to Oludah Equiano"I was very happy. But my happiness ended suddenly when I was eleven [and I was sold into slavery]. (Document 1) Like Equiano many people were taken against their will from their homes and forced to migrate to the American colonies

Detail 2

Document 4 explains" That we would be better people if we purify ourselves of corruption of this evil world and sever our lord" (Document 4). Most English people came to spread their religion and make people of the new world convert to their religion

Detail 3

For example in document 2 it states " people who work with their hands ... their labor will be worth more than it is in England..." (Document 2). In the new world they needed to work hard to help out the settlement if you were stronger you would be worth more and so would be your time.


As you can see living in this era was very bad time to be alive the new settlers had to adapt to the harsh environment. The living conditions were very bad for the settlers they had nothing to depend on they had to start from scratch.