Reagan Dunn - Alyson Desylva

Chemical Equation:

6CO2+6H2O+Energy > C6H12O6+6O2


Plants use light energy to combine water with carbon dioxide to make food. Plants need food to grow and continue living.

Who Would Join?

Of course, plants would be our usual clients. Why? The plant cells inside of the plants need to do photosynthesis so the plant would grow and become a healthy adult plant.


Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplast.The light energy is obtained from the chlorophyll. The plants take in co2 and water from the outside, and the light energy from the chlorophyll and create the glucose/food. At the end, oxygen is released.

What Organelle is Specifically for Photosynthesis?

The chloroplast is used for photosynthesis. This organelle is located in plant cells, and is only used for photosynthesis. This organelle is the site for photosynthesis. Inside this organelle is a filling called chlorphyll. Chlorophyll is the substance inside of the chloroplast that collects light energy for photosynthesis. This is explained earlier in the Smore.


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