WEEK OF February 1-5, 2016

This past week the students attended the Flamenco Ballet Company's performance, exposing them to different cultures and dance throughout Latin America.

Friday, February 12th is an early release day at 11:30 as many will be leaving for the long weekend as there will not be school on the 15th in honor of President's Day.

Shakespeare Improvised will be held on the morning of February 19th at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. We will be taking the students to attend the show, followed by an improv workshop led by the actors. In the afternoon, Hands-on Broward will be meeting with the students to discuss various volunteer opportunities in South Florida.

Role reversal day on February 26th. Our student government met this past week and expressed they would like to have a role reversal day, where the students run the school and the teachers become the students for the day.

A word about March 21-25th. This was supposed to have been our trip week and a time to perform community service. I know that several took this to mean 'school optional' and have made plans to be away that week. Some have planned their own family community service trips, which is great and encouraged. The week of March 21-25th is still considered a week of service. We are making arrangements with 5 different agencies where students can learn about a different area of need and earn community service hours.

If a student wishes a different opportunity, will be attending a leadership conference or other independent project in lieu of what we have planned, the student will need to submit in writing to the school by March 11th.


CPS Celebrates the Chinese New Year

In keeping with tradition, students each received a red envelope with their name in Chinese. Inside the envelope, each received a random Confucious saying along with Chinese candy.
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