By: Taylor and Ally


There are about 3.407 million as of the year 2013.

official country name and capital

The country name is Uruguay and the capital is Montevideo.

Currency (exchange rate)

Uruguayan peso

1 Uruguayan peso is equal to 0.041 of U.S dollars

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Significance of their flag

There are nine horizontal strips alternating white and blue, the canton is white with the sun of may on it.
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Uruguay can be described as constitutional, presidential, and a republic

Cultural activities and entertainment

Ciudad vieja, or old town, is the historical section of Montevideo.

El Cabildo is Montevideo's most famous' museum.

You can view the street art in Montevideo.

Food of Uruguay

  • Pasta; regular noodles and sause like in the U.S
  • Asado which is like American barbecue
  • Chivito is a sandwich with steak, ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce, and mayo.

Tourist attractions

  • Palacio Salvo is a major landmark in Uruguay known for its stunning views and beautiful weather.
  • Canelones, which is a spectacular city located in the middle of Uruguay known for its wonderful restaurants and world famous shopping.
  • The Paloma which is a famous and well known resort in northern Uruguay known for its beautiful scenery and family friendly atmosphere.
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