English Express

Volume 2

A Note from Mrs. Neal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Though I love summer, I am thrilled that autumn is here! I am very much looking forward to cooler weather and seeing the leaves change to beautiful shades of orange and red. I'm also excited to start working on JoLeigh's Halloween costume this year!

Theme Analysis Wrap-Up

Our summer reading choices acted as a catalyst for understanding theme, and we continued our study of theme through various short pieces. In order to solidify our understanding of the transcendent nature of literary themes, learners compiled a Theme Notebook.

Check out some of our "rockstar writing" samples below!

Rockstar Writers

Children's Story Project

Learners have just started creating a children's storybook to explore the essential questions:

  • Why is my voice valuable to the world around me?
  • How can I use my voice to understand the world around me?

They are also beginning to understand the many components of the writing process and elements of literature that are essential in making a story memorable and worth reading. Learners use their imaginations, creativity, and skills to bring life to the characters they've created. Look for our rockstar examples in the next English Express!

What's Next?

We will be reading Animal Farm by George Orwell in the 2nd six weeks. Learners must acquire the book by Monday, 10/5. They can read the physical book or an eBook, depending on their preference.

I also encourage the learners to check out the Book Xchange box in our school library to see if they might obtain a copy there.

Membean Vocabulary

Your learners should also be doing Membean vocabulary time every week. In the second six weeks, learners are expected to do 35 minutes of vocabulary training. The program is meant to be done in short bursts, so 5 to 10 minutes of training at a time is the best way to fully engage in the program.

Now that we are in the habit of doing Membean again, learners will take a quiz every 3 weeks.

Want to know more about Membean? Check out the video below!

Membean Introduction

Want to Contribute to Our Classroom Library?

If you would like to continue helping build our library, you are welcome to donate books that you no longer wish to keep at your home. We are looking only for books that our learners desire to read. Just send any books to school with your learner, and your family's donation will be remembered inside the book cover.

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Thank you for your continued support inside and outside of the classroom!