Stephanie Fahie

Proffesional Portfolio

About my study:

I am recently in my first year of study, doing a Bachelor of Education Primary at Notre Dame University. I have wanted to be a primary school teacher ever since I was a young child.

Previous Education:

In 2012 I received my High School Certificate and graduated from St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls. I was studying PE Studies, Biology, Maths and English.

Special Needs and Attributes

Later on in my study I will be specializing in children with special needs. I have always had an interest in this and always wanted to help children with disabilities.

I love heading outside and having fun and I think this will benefit in the way I teach and
approach activities.

Career Goal:

My Career goals would be to become the best teacher I can possibly be and to give everything I have to achieve that goal.

Contact Detail:

Stephanie Fahie