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Dispenser procedure requires only the methods but also the post-test examination, to determine the health status groups, conducting preventive consultation, and if necessary, treatment and control of health measures and health status of patients included in the set.

By the way, "Compulsory dispenser" Law on the Ministry of Health after the adoption of children in the country, first of all, identify the types of testing that has to go through. Children's weight, blood pressure, vision, general analysis of blood, intestines, the situation will be monitored by the presence of non-relevant factors. If needed, the child will also be fluorocarbon examination. In addition, support for children - should be set in motion system pathologies. For example, the basis for the development of the right foot - it is very important for the development of the movement system. East is determined at an early stage, it will be possible to correct and prevent future development. Grows and the bones will be very difficult to correct something in formalisms.

What doctors will participate Dispenser? First of all, a physician pediatrician and family physicians. Process, as well as a neurologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon and otolarinqoloqun participation is also important. If you have any pathologies during preventive examinations are determined on the basis of a medical certificate, to be examined by doctors and specialist examinations. Moreover, it is compulsory dispenser healthy at the time of the child, regardless of whether or not the patient, to be held - one in which all children should receive preventive treatment. Dispensary in the acute period of the disease to treat the patient until the child is supposed to be a full recovery. To treat patients with chronic forms of pathologies in the small kəskinləsmələrin and active dynamic control is carried out.