Does Your Teen Have Hidden Apps?

Ways Teens Hide Apps on Mobile Devices

Apps that Hide Apps

Teens can use specifically designed apps that are made to hide and password protect other apps. When the teen launches the app and applies the appropriate password, all the "hidden" apps are shown and can be used. Some of these apps are designed to look like a utility folder so it is easy for parents to overlook. Some apps, such as Poof, seem to make the "hidden" apps just disappear from the screen.

Some apps teens use to hide other apps are:

  • AppLocker
  • Poof
  • Hide it Pro
  • Hide App
  • Best Secret Folder

Hiding Apps on the Device Through Settings

Android devices have a "hide applications" feature built in. With this setting, apps that are hidden are out of view and not available. When the user "unhides" it, the app returns to the AppDrawer.

Hiding Apps in Folder

On IOS devices, some users hide apps by creating a folder that is mislabeled.

Why Are These Dangerous?

If teens have apps that they want to hide you may want to ask them what they are hiding. Many times, teens just want their privacy but parents must have honest conversations with their teens on the apps they are using and how they are using them.