Are Cell Phones Safe?

You decide

Good things about cell phones.

  • Numerous peer reviewed studies have found that cell phones use is not associated with an increased riak of brain tumer... 358,403 Danish citizen.
  • Radiofrequency radiation from cell phones is non-inonzing and is not powerful enough to cause cancer... 3.7 million swedish residendets
  • Cell phones radiation levels deemed safe by the Federal Communication Commission(FCC)... FCC scientist
  • Studies have shown an association between cell phones use and a decreased risk of certain brain tumors... Danish and Swedish
  • US goverment agencies conclude there is no scientific evidence proving that cell phones cause cancer or other health problems... US Goverment Accountobility Administration, Federal Communication Commission, US Food and Drug Administration
  • Cell phones increase personeal safety by providing an easy means of contacting others during an emergency... Wireless Association

Bad things about cell phones.

  • Numerous peer-reviewed studies have shown an association between cell phones use and the development of brain tumors ... Swedish people in more futerded time.
  • The international Agency for research on cancer (IARC) has classified cell phone radiation as a possible carcingen... International Agency
  • Due to the relatively recent adoption of cell phones, the long-term safety of the techology cannot be determined conclusively and caution is warranted... Dr. Rodolfo Saraccci
  • Cell phones emit radio frequency (RF) radiation ,and RF radiation has been shown to damage to DNA... Eurupean no name
  • Using a cell phone while driving , even with hands -free device ,is unsafe and makes accidents more likely... The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


Back then they had phones as big as a gallon of soda.


The pros and cons were an example of the Dr. Martine Luther King Jr. speech for the Bill Of Rights. Saying that some scientist have been say it does not cause brain tumors when other scientist have concluded that it does cause brain tumors. Even though they said no it would be a time to say it did have the causes of brain tumors. Its saying that on day we all have to say yes in anyway Mr. King never stoped saying that black people needed rights to .He never stoped untill he got a yes for it to be conculded.


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