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Parental Protection transcending the generations.

Parental Protection through time

Through time, a lot a things change, improve and disappear. However, the only thing that still stays with the same meaning since the beginning is the protection of the parents. The parental instinct was, has been and always will be a strong characteristic of good parents. As we can see in "Beowulf" even in literature, the protection is a importante event when Grandel's mother try revenge her son's death. The cultural belief of care is a crucial point for the survival of the species. And of course, now a days, good parents will always look out for their children no matter what.

"Les Misérables" parental protection as in "Beowulf"

In the novel "Les Misérables" Jean Valjean is a fugitive that takes care of a girl, called Cosette, after her mother's death. When the girl grows, she becomes a beautiful woman who falls in love with a young man named Marius. The story takes place in the period between the Battle of Waterloo and barricades, June 1832 in Paris. After discovering that his daughter is in love with a boy, Valjean goes after the boy that is participating in the revolution. In order to do what's best for his daughter,Valjean saves the boy's life. As in "Beowulf", Grandel's mom priority is her son, even if that means putting her live in danger. "Even with Marius and his love for Cosette, Valjean is able not only to dominate his jealousy but to save the life of Marius (the famous episode of the sewers) and make possible Marius's marriage with Cosette."

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A Mother's Revenge- Gary R. Burzell

The short story " A Mother's Revenge" talks about a Black Widow spider, that saw her babies being killed by a man, so she wanted revenge. She didn't even cared if he was going to kill her too, she just wanted bit him. This story is very similar to "Beowulf" in the aspect of the "mother" do anything for revenge her children death even if that means put her like in risk."If the Black Widow was lucky, she could bite him once or twice and still get away before he smashed her with his hands. That's if she was lucky. But it really didn't matter much.

Just yesterday, she had watched in horror as he killed her babies. The poison spray had come, and there had been nothing she could do to save them. Their cries for help still haunted her, and she knew she would never forget the feeling of helplessness as she heard them scream in pain." In "Beowulf" the scene is repeated when we compare the attempt to avenge the death of her son, Grandel.

"Mother uses social media to get revenge against daughter's alleged abuser"

In this newscast, the mother Traci Shields put her daughter's abuse on Facebook in a attempt to report this kind of violence to the world. This denunciation could cause her legal consequences but she said: "My daughter’s life was more important". “If you have a loved one that’s in a domestic abuse situation, I don’t there’s any measures that go too far to protect them if you feel like it’s what you need to do." Just like in "Beowulf" the mother protects her child the best way possible. However, when the time changes, the ways to get revenge changes too.

"Desperate Justice"

In this novel that is also a drama, a man kills 12-year-old girl Wendy Rogers. But, thanks to effective lawyering and a persuasive psychiatrist's expert, he's considered not guilty by reason of insanity. So Wendy's mother Carol, in the middle of the court session, stunned by the announcement of the verdict, pulls a gun from her purse and shoots the killer dead, in front of dozens of witnesses. The story follow in a attempt to justify her attitude. When we compare to "Beowulf" Gradel's mother has the same motivation as She murders Aeschere.

"Father vows revenge on murderer who killed his son"

In this journal article, John Foreman is the father of a boy brutally murdered, 36 years ago, says he's going to revenge his son's murder by killing the assassin if he gets out of prison early for good behavior. "I do intend, if this man is released anywhere in my vicinity, or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to kill this man,". As in "Beowulf", the pain of losing a child can only be cured when the parents avenge the violence done to their children.

"The mother who gave up her life to save her baby"

This magazine article, Cheryl Anderson was diagnosed with cancer at 32,but her only worry, was her child that she was carrying so she refused to take any medicines, in case they hurt the baby. However, Cheryl died two moths after her daughter birth. As in "Beowulf", the priority of the two mothers are their children.

Mother's Revenge

"Jose Rizal, Terracotta, 1894
National Art Gallery, National Museum of the Philippines, Manila" is a sculpture that represent the predatory colonial relationship between Spain, the crocodile , and the helpless citizens of the Philippines, the puppy being bitten. The puppy's mother represents the patriots who are working to avenge the injustice inflicted on the people. In this piece the animals don't represent themselves, but the idea of a mother protecting and her kid is the same when we compere to "Beowulf". The same scene is happening in both of the history but with distinct reasons.
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