NASA Missions New Horizons

by Nicholas Ormond

What did this mission discover?

The new horizons mission is yet to discover a lot as it discovers more about our solar system. The New Horizons mission was sent to Pluto and its moons to study the atmosphere, surface, environment as well as its moon Charon and more within the Kuiper Belt. When the New Horizons space shuttle passed Lo it discvovored volcanic eruptions on its surface. It also got infomation on the theory about Europa having an ocean. In the last part of the mission New Horizons will study the kuiper belt's comets and objects that might explain water in our solar system.

When did this mission make its discovories?

This mission all started on the 19th of January 2006. This mission made its discovories on Jupiter's moons Lo and Europa. The New Horizons spacecraft will arrive at Pluto in July this year and will stay there for 150 days traveling 14 kilometers per second.

New Horizons Key Dates

19th January, 2006 - New Horizons is launched.

28th February, 2007 - Jupiter Fly By

July 2015 - New Horizons reaches Pluto

2018 - 2022 - New Horizons reaches the Kuiper Belt

Technology Used in New Horizons

New Horizonshas used and is equippedwith the following equippment. A visible infared imager,an ultraviolet imager,a radio science experement for studying atmospheres, a telescope equipped with a camera,a solar wind and plasma spectrometer,enegetic partical spectrometer,space dust counter

Contributions made to our knowledge of the solar system

New Horizons has improved our knowledge of the solar system by discovering information about Lo and Europa, two of Jupiter's moons. It is yet to make any discoveries about Pluto as it will not reach there until July, 2015.