Exporing Our Solar System

Post 1900 - NASA Cassini mission

"Our Mighty Earth" unit Sem 1,2015

By Victoria Emery

Dates of the discovery

The Launch Date was October 15, 1997

Cassini circled Saturn for 4 years.

What was the discoveries:

· Cassini discovered the known “northern lights” in the solar system high above Saturn.

· 62 moons have been discovered in Orbits around Saturn.

Technologies used of the time:

· Cassini has 12 science instruments on board. Each Instrument is designed to carry out hi tech scientific studies of Saturn from collecting Data of many areas of the “electromagnetic spectrum”, To looking dust particles, to Characterizing Saturn’s plasma environment and magnetosphere.

· Cassini has Microwave remote Sensing. This uses radio waves that map atmospheres and works out the massof moons. It collects information on ring particle size.

What contribution did they make to our Knowledge and understanding of the solar System?

Cassina made a huge contribution to our knowledge and understanding of the solar system. We understand the size of the planet and the moons. We have a better knowledge of the rings and the colours of the planets. Cassini also gives us an understanding of the atmosphere and the gasses on and around Saturn.