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October 18, 2015

"Parables: The Stories Jesus Told" (September and October)

Last week we talked about "The Good Samaritan" and the story Jesus told to answer the question, "who is your neighbor?" I hope you all had a chance to reach out to someone outside of "your hood!' :) Text me a story about someone you reached out to and receive 3 points.

Stay tuned for more great stories!

BYOP- Bring Your Own Pumpkin

Sunday Night we will be decorating pumpkins. I will have supplies but please bring your own pumpkin to carve or decorate. Winner will get 2 points for Team 316.

We will be having carmel apples as a snack!

Get To Know 11th and 12th Graders!

I am looking forward to eating at Rosa's with you all on Wednesday the 21st from 6-8 pm.

Sign-up for Fall Festival

Hey Guys,

Below is a link to sign-up for Fall Festival.

P.S. You get 316 Points for this event!!!!!

Sign-Up for Volunteers!


In order to stay ministry safe, I am hoping that some of you might be willing to come to youth once every few months. I only need one volunteer per week (unless we are having a special event) and Michael and Chanel have been wonderful in dedicating their time. Thank you! However, in order to give them a break (although I LOVE having them) below is a link for new volunteers. Please pick a date if you are willing!



Newsboys Concert!

Saturday, November 21st is going to be a GREAT night. Tickets to the Newsboys Concert are 30 dollars (I will take care of the processing fees).

Please RSVP and send the money to reserve your seats (If you want to attend) by no later than Fall Festival (October 25th).

Scholarships are available. Please e-mail me if your youth would like to go but the cost is prohibiting them from doing so, I want everyone who wants to be able to go, to definitely feel welcomed to come!

Full Fall Schedule

Sunday 10/18: YC Parables Series and BYOP

Wednesday 10/21: 11th and 12th graders (Rosas 6-8 pm)

Sunday 10/25: Fall Festival

Wednesday 10/28: Costume & Piñata Party (6-8 pm)

Sunday 11/1: YC "The Masks We Wear" (4-6 pm)

Wednesday 11/4: Optional Top Golf (6-8 pm)

Sunday 11/8: YC "Showing Gratitude" (4-6 pm)

Wednesday 11/11: Guys Games; Girls Pilates Night (6-8 pm)

Sunday 11/15: YC "Remembering to Praise" (4-6 pm)

Wednesday 11/18: Movie and Soup Contest (6-8 pm)

Saturday 11/21: Optional Newsboys Concert (RSVP TBA)

Sunday 11/22: YC "Friendsgiving" Thanksgiving Dinner

Wednesday 11/25: No Meeting, Enjoy Thanksgiving Break

Sunday 11/29: No Meeting, Enjoy Thanksgiving Break

Sunday 12/6: YC Decorate Youth Room (4-6 pm)

Wednesday 12/9: December Movies: Elf (6-8 pm)

Sunday 12/13: YC Grand Christmas Party (4-6 pm)

Wednesday 12/16: December Movies: The Grinch (6-8 pm)

Saturday 12/20: Nativity Scene

Wednesday 12/23: No Meeting, Enjoy Christmas Break

Sunday 12/27: No Meeting, Enjoy Christmas Break

Wednesday 12/30: No Meeting, Enjoy Christmas Break


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