Graeme Murphy


Swan Lake (Trailer)

Who Is Graeme Murphy?

Graeme Murphy is Australia's best Choreographer, Graeme was born in Melbourne but grew up in Tasmania which is where he started dance classes with Kenneth Gillespie in Launceston. Graeme Murphy then auditioned for the Australian Ballet school and was accepted at age 14, after two and half years he joined the australian ballet in 1968.
Graeme then left Australian Ballet to go Europe where he danced with Les Ballets Felix Blask.
Graeme then returned to Australia he took on the directorship of the Dance Company (NSW) at the end of 1976, changed the company's name to Sydney Dance Company in 1979 and went on to develop it as a major choreographer-led contemporary dance company.

Graeme Murphy was born November 2, 1950 (age 64 years)

Graeme built over 50 works, including 30 full-length productions.

Graeme Murphy contributed to modern dance in a significant way, by creating over 50 works and traveling around the world dancing. He has had a huge impact on everyone who has danced in or veiwed his work

“We embrace challenges. We are now doing as we have always done - follow passion, encourage talent, be creatively opportunistic and continue to believe in Australian artists and their importance globally.” - Graeme & Janet

Preview of The Australian Ballet's Swan Lake