Darwin's Four Postulates

Regina Rojas

Increase Population

The first postulate for evolution is the potential for a species to increase in number. I consider this to be an obvious need for evolution since a species cannot evolve if there are no more organisms of that species to evolve. Since evolution is the process of diversity among a species, mainly in its genetics, breeding is necessary for it. Therefore, the population is bound to increase when it's evolving.

For example, Russian scientists have discovered that population of the Far Eastern leopard is increasing and went from 30 to 80 species in 5 years. Since more species have been created, we know that the population of leopard has evolved, thus creating different species. Since more species are created, the increase of the population is bound to happen.

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Genetic Variation

The second postulate needed for the process of evolution is the heritable genetic variation of individuals in a species due to mutation and sexual reproduction. Genetic variation is whenever genetics causes an individual to have slightly different characteristics as other members of its species. Mutation is needed to gain variation among a species, and therefore evolve into a different species.

Darwin found out an example of this postulate on his trip to the Galapagos. He noticed that some birds had different size of beaks. The difference in this characteristic is needed for some birds to survive. Those that feed on flowers, have a longer, slimmer beak. On the other hand, those that feed on seeds and shells have a wider, tougher, and stronger beak n order to properly break down their food. These variations are due to their geographical location. Darwin found out these differences on birds living in different islands, therefore having different diet habits.

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The third postulate needed for the process of evolution is competition for limited resources. The species of the world are in a constant struggle to survive, thus competition is needed to assure your survival. In order to survive, those that are born need to be stronger.

One example of competition in history is the competition between megalodons
and killer whales. Scientists have discovered that the huge 60 ft shark went extinct due to competition. The diversity of its prey decreased and its competition increased. Due to the lack of prey available for the species, it led it to its extinction.

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Fitness Non-random

The fourth postulate needed for the process of evolution is the proliferation of those organisms that are better able to survive and reproduce in the environment. In order for a species to survive, it needs to have the best of its characteristics. When species reproduce, the phenotypes most fit survive, allowing the species to be more apt for the environment, related to the term natural selection.
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