Hardware and Software

By Daniel Holmes 8P2

So What is the Difference Between Hardware and Software?


Hardware is something that you can physically touch or hold in your hands. This is used for servers, storage and lots of other things e.g. A monitor, RAM, or a graphics card.


Software is something virtual like Microsoft Word or Mozilla Firefox. You can not actually touch software but it is still there assisting you with your work

Input Devices

Input devices are bits of hardware that input information into the computer or other device. E.G. a keyboard, a mouse, a track pad, a touch screen or a remote control.

Output Devices

An Output devices is something that your computer outputs information to a device like a speaker, a printer, headphones, a monitor or a CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Storage devices

Storage devices are bits of hardware that store data and that can be shared on a server or it can be offline on a computer. These are usually called hard drives


Programs are software that are used everyday. They are used to: make games, create documents and editing media.

Operating Systems

Operating systems are software but there not programs! They are the base of the whole computer. e.g. Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. These contain vital information for the computer to run properly. They can change the look and feel of the way you use your computer.