Flat Stanley

A Book Project by Hayden Armstrong

Book Jacket

Stanley lives a normal life. He goes to school and hangs out with his friends. But one morning, the unbelievable happens: he wakes up flat! However, Stanley realises this could be a blessing. He becomes a hero and is known as Flat Stanley. As Flat Stanley soon figures out ,though, the blessing may turn into a curse.


1. Stanley was four feet tall, about a foot wide, and half an inch thick. - narrator
2. Being flat could also be helpful, Stanley found. -narrator
3. Late that night Mr. and Mrs. Lambchop heard a noise out in the living room. They found Arthur lying on the floor near the bookcase. He had piled a great many volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica on top of himself. -narrator
4. Suddenly, as if an electric light bulb had lit up the air above his head, giving out little shooting lines of excitement, Stanley Lambchop had an idea. -narrator
5. "It's time for you to put on a disguise," -Mr. Dart
6. People began to laugh and make fun of him as he passed by. - narrator

Notice and note

Aha moment: Stanley realises that he can do cool things being flat such as sliding under doors and mailing himself.
Contrasts contradictions: Stanley's parents are proud of him, but Arthur is jealous of him being flat.
Words of the wiser: "People should think twice before making rude remarks, and then not make them at all." -Mrs Lambchop

Dig deeper

Themes: Some blessings are in disguise. Accept yourself for who you are. Don't try to copy other people, because they aren't you.
Flat Stanley was like the ugly duckling. He was sort of 'different' then he grew into something extraordinary.

Narrator: The narrator in this book was the author. If this had been different, we may have been able to see exactly what Stanley or Arthur was thinking.


1B: This is Hayden Armstrong reporting to you live from Stanley Lambchop's bedroom. He is sound asleep. What was that! Oh no! Stanley's bulletin board has fallen on top of him! His brother Arthur has woken up now. He is running to get his parents. They have now arrived on the scene of action. This is Hayden Armstrong reporting to you live signing out.
2C: If this was set in a different time period, Stanley may have been accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Also, there may have been different problems and characters.