Fun in Fifth!

5th Grade BCE ~ Week of September 11-15

Upcoming Events:

9/11 SS Cornerstone Task 1 DUE today

Math CBA

9/29 NEU Pep Rally- Wear your college gear!

September 14th PTA General Meeting 6:45 p.m. Cafeteria

September 29th NEU Pep Rally -Wear college gear!

October 6th Student Holiday

October 9th Student Holiday

October 12th Boosterthon Fun Run @ Bear Creek

October 26/27 Birthday Lunch w/ Admin (October birthdays)

October 27th NEU Pep Rally-Wear college gear!

October 27th Trunk or Treat @ Bear Creek 7:00-8:00

November 2nd Early Release/Student Led Conferences

November 4th Fall Festival @ Bear Creek 2:00-5:00 p.m.

November 16th First Grade Program 6:45 p.m.

November 20-24 Thanksgiving Break

November 30/1 Birthday Lunch w/ Admin (Nov/Dec birthdays)

December 1st NEU Pep Rally

December 1st Cookies w/ Santa TBD

December 21st Early Release-begin Winter Break

Curriculum Night Slideshow

If you weren't able to attend Thursday evening, here is the information that the fifth grade teachers shared! Please let us know if you have any questions.



  • Non-Fiction Text Structures - focus on the ways that authors organize non-fiction text (cause/effect, sequencing, problem/solution, compare/contrast, description)
  • GCISD Reads Book Challenge - students will select their challenge for this year (click the link below for details)
  • Reading Workshop habits

Language Arts:

  • Spelling/Word Study - Students begin differentiated word study this week. Based on the Words Their Way pre-test, they were assigned to a specific word study group. They will have words to sort that follow a specific pattern or spelling rule. Students will have access (via Google Classroom) to practice word games on Spelling City. Students will also utilize a Word Study Choice Board (link coming soon!) to make meaningful connections with their words through a variety of activities. **Parents please view the brief video below for quick tips of how students will cut, organize, and sort their WTW words.
  • BOY writing benchmark - Expository writing - Students will write an expository composition about their 51st State (Cornerstone Task 1), incorporating accurate geographic vocabulary to describe the features of their new state.

Social Studies:

  • Geographical Features and vocabulary
  • Cornerstone Unit 1 - DUE Monday 9/11

Cornerstone Task #1 - Rubric Expectations

Cornerstone Task #1

(51st State)

1. On a scrap piece of paper, draw the outline of your imaginary nation (51st state). What is the location of your state in relation to the United States?


2. Add the following items to your map:

  • Title__________________________________________

  • Map grid- must be labeled vertically and horizontally

  • 5- city locations (and populations of each city)- 4 cities, 1 capital (5 cities in all)

  • 3- natural resources- for example: oil, coal, natural gas, lumber etc.

  • 10-geographical features - Example: forest, mountains, lake

  • 1- compass rose- labeled with both cardinal and intermediate directions

  • 1- legend- The symbols on legend must match what is on map

  • 1 scale

  • 15- symbols to help determine important information (1 symbol for cities, 1 symbol for capital, 3 symbols for natural resources, 10 symbols for geographical features)

3. Choose 10 geographical features (some of these listed on the back of the page). Add these terms on your map, using a symbol for each feature and label it.

4. Your geographical features must make sense! For example, if you are an island then one of your features will be an ocean, coast, along with other features related to an island. If you have a dessert on your island, it will not make sense to include a glacier!

5. Once your rough draft is completed, make sure your map is neat!! It must be colored with colored pencils or crayons. Markers can be used to outline the map and writing. Please make sure ALL words are spelled correctly!!

6. Make sure to check your rubric so that you have followed all directions!!!

Geographical Features

bay foothill isthmus peninsula

canal glacier plain gulf

marsh plateau strait canyon

harbor mesa swamp cape

mountain prairie channel hill

rain forest tundra delta ocean

reservoir valley desert island

peak sea volcano inlet

Reading Nightly Matters!!

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Cornerstone Task 1

Students will reflect on their learning of geographical features to create a realistic 51st state.

GCISD Reads Challenge ~ 2017-18

The GCISD Reads challenge offers more variety than ever this year. Students can choose a challenge of genres, number of books, or pages. Students may begin logging books they have read since June 1, 2017!! (*Click the link for more info!)


  • Math Workshop habits
  • Place Value to the Billions, including decimal to the thousandths place, ordering and comparing whole numbers and decimals
  • Math CBA's (common based assessment) - Students will take their first math CBA on Monday 9/11. The TEST is created based on problems from the previous week's homework skills. Students review homework DAILY in class, have discussions about difficult problems, as well as correct problems they incorrectly answered. As students participate and use accountable math talk throughout the week, this helps them to be prepared for the Monday CBA's. Students are expected to study and review the homework over the weekend as needed to help them to do their BEST on Monday CBA's!
  • NIGHTLY HOMEWORK continues - students need to complete the homework sheet for each corresponding day. Students are expected to use RUBIES strategies while reading and solving problems. They MUST show their thinking for each problem.


  • Classifying Matter
  • Changes in States of Matter

Calling All Parents!!! We Need YOU!!

Did you miss signing up to be a Homeroom Parent or assisting the Homeroom Parent? Here is the link to sign up:

BCE Dad's Club

  • The club includes DADS, Step-DADS, Grand-DADS, and other men who are interest in helping the students, faculty, and parents of Bear Creek Elementary.

  • Activities include the School Dance, Fall Festival, Field Day, Boosteerthon Fun Run, Special Programs, and other fun events for our students.

  • To be involved provide an email address, all events notices are sent asking for volunteers, and answer if available. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, being a part of the club does not necessarily require a time commitment. We are looking for a network of support.

  • •Contact: Todd Walker

  • Mark Bilgere

Around the World at BCE

Around the World at Bear Creek is an International Event that we have held for the past 10 years!

Parents and students from various countries share culture, clothing, foods, music, dancing and a variety of interesting things about their country of origin. It happens during one school

​ ​day in January and then again in the evening after a PTA meeting. We need lots of volunteers for this exciting event. If you are interested, or would like more information about this event, please fill out the half sheet and turn it in to your child's classroom teacher or there are envelopes in the P.E. hallway.

Coach Lucas will contact you in the near future via email regarding our first meeting and with more information. Thank you for your interest and help with this Bear Cree event!

5th Grade Expectations

No Excuses University


  • We are an official No Excuses University campus. Our belief is that all students have the right to be college ready!
  • EVERY Monday is a BCE t-shirt day. Please show your CUB spirit!
  • EVERY Friday is college gear day! Students are encouraged to wear ANY favorite college gear.

5th Grade Teachers

Humanities: Allison Crook, Merissa Sorenson

Humanities & Math: Allison Bailey

Math & Science: Shanda Beach, Jason Tom

(* Click on the teacher's name to visit their GCISD website)